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   Topomar Surveyors is dedicated to surveying and mapping for more than ten years with professionals with ample accredited experience which strive to archieve the quality in the work by adapting to the legal requirements and their clients both national and international territory, always looking for a satisfactory result.

    For this the following maxims have been established within the company:


  • Meet the requirements of our clients and freely established by the organization, as well as those that are applicable to us according to current legislation and the established objetive, assessing the risks of out processees to prevent deviations that may affect conformity.


  • Continuously improve the quality of services establishing objetives to continuous improvement and looking to grow in the market doing that our customer always be satisfied with the services received.

  • Motivation, training and continuous improvement of our employees for the correct performance of our work and environment protection


  • Search to offer new services and be competitive in the market, basing on confidence and fidelity of our interesed parties.


  • Provide the material and human resources to the continuous improvement of the quality of services


  • Provide a personalized and detailed attention to our customers, providing possible alternatives


  • Control the environmental impacts and minimize our waste generation and prevent the pollution that our work could be generated, providind training and resources for our employees to collaborate actively in the cause, and so, maintain a beneficial relationship with the environment and our neigbors.



  We want improve our service and attention, please send us your suggest or claim (you can use our format) by email



                                                              Mr.Melchor J. Aguilar

September 13, 2018

Rev. 04


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