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Bathymetric surveys in coastal and inland waters for projects, control and execution of emissaries, ports, erosion, desalination, etc..


We have own boat and equipment available at any time to carry out the work.


Our recent work have been:

Año 2.018

-Melilla: Bathymetric multibean campaign for new ramp Ro-Ro.

-Málaga: Bathymetric survey for a new floating dock in Marbella.

-Almería: Bathymetric campaign for Almeria port dredging.
-Almería: Bathymetric for environmental restoration of  beach sited in Adra.

Year  2017

-Bathymetric transverse measurements of Ebro river in Alfaro (La Rioja).

-Bathimetry for environmental study of coasts on the beach  "Los Locos" , Torrevieja (Alicante).

-Geophysical campaign designed by the Spanish Institute of Oceanography in "Mar Menor"  using Geopulse bottom profiler.

-Boat multi-beam bathymetry for dredged at Gibraltar west port.

Year 2016

-Bathymetric for restoration of the dock in Garrucha (Almeria)

-Bathymetric campaign for restoration of  beach sited in Torrox Costa (Malaga)


Year 2015


-Bathymetric campaign In the harbor west of Gibraltar.

-Bathymetric campaign for Adra port dredging. (Almería)

-Bathymetric for environmental restoration of  beach sited  in  Almerimar (Almería)

-Bathymetric  for environmental restoration of beach sited in Costa Cabana (Almería)


Year 2014


-Bathymetric of 25 has in  "Balsa el Sapo" raft, Mojonera (Almería).

-Multibeam bathymetry campaign for new dock in  Almería port.

-100 hectares bathymetry of beach for environmental study in Almeria


Year 2013


-Bathymetric for desalation plant in Balerma (Almería)

-Topographic survey with bathymetric for a desalation plant in AL-KHAFJI (Arab Emirates)

Year 2012:


-Bathymetric of 25 has extended emissary in Vera (Almeria)

-Measurement and bottom dock in the port of Roquetas de Mar (Almeria)


Year 2011:


-Bathymetric of 400.000m2 in Roquetas de Mar for emissary (Almería)

-Measuring the barrage lifted the Port of Malaga.


Year 2010:


-Bathymetric for cleaning of 3kms of river in Castro del Río (Cordoba)

-Mapping for outfall and collectors in the neighborhood of Zapillo (Almería)


Year 2009:


-Bathymetric of Finana dam for cleanings works (Almería)


Year 2008:


-Control and bathymetric measurement of buoys in  Columbrete islands (Castellón)

-Staking desalination expansion emissary in Águilas (Murcia)

-Bathymetric to control and clean emissary in Palomares (Almería)

Year 2007:


-Measurement of 45 rivers and creeks of Guadalquivir basin for flood control (Andalusia, Extremadura and Castilla La Mancha)



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